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Office and conference tables

We design and make modern industrial tables for offices and conference rooms. We make table bases from robust steel profiles that are welded together as one piece. After welding we grind and polish all welds in order to make the steel profiles look seamlessly united in one perfect table base. We also make single table legs.

With us us you can choose design, dimensions, desk material, powder coat color, etc. We make tables customized by default. We care for every detail. We take great pride in making the best dining tables on the market.

We make:

  • Modern steel office tables
  • Modular office tables
  • Large conference and meeting tables (single base, or modular)
  • Premium office table for managers and CEOs.
  • Industrial writing tables
  • Custom designed office or writing tables

Looking for a different table?

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We offer a wide spectrum of table designs, dimensions and materials. We guarantee premium quality in every detail. You can buy a complete table or just a steel table frame or table top.